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Lapwings Maritime Services

Maritime Transportation.
The backbone of the global economy!

Maritime transportation has undeniably served as the backbone of the global economy for over a century, facilitating the movement of goods valued at a staggering 4 trillion dollars annually. With over 49,000 merchant ships navigating the world's seas and a multitude of dedicated employees both on land and at sea, operate within strict timeframes to guarantee the punctual arrival of each vessel.

Regrettably, machinery is not as inherently reliable as

the dedicated workforce that operates it. Despite the proactive approach of our technical personnel, unforeseen equipment failures can occur, potentially disrupting schedules. While technical managers, ship charterers, and owners anticipate operational efficiency, unplanned downtime can translate into a substantial loss of revenue, eroding the trust of collaboration.

That's where we come in

to help you steer clear of such challenges. Lapwings pledges to provide you with durable and reliable spare parts and other services, always ON-TIME. Our commitment is fortified by a robust 3-step plan, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free collaboration.




Andreas Christophides

Managing Director

Lapwings is a global marine spare parts supplier and services associate, situated in Limassol, Cyprus, specialized in delivering tailored solutions. With a proven track record spanning 25 years and access to top-notch resources through our extensive network of partners, we stand ready to provide round-the-clock support and assistance whether you need spare parts, repairs, or consultancy , offering you peace of mind, knowing we are here for you when needed.

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